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New Hope City Center (NHCC) is a shining light in the City of Washington.  In an area impacted by creeping blight, addictions and unemployment NHCC seeks to be a sustainable and courageous presence in the heart of Washington.  Founded out of a love for the people who live and work in our city, our first priority is to be a place where people of all different social, economic, racial, and spiritual backgrounds can gather and find people who will accept them and love them for who they are.  We are motivated by our love for Jesus Christ and a belief that we have a faith, that when lived in the context of true community, is infectious and contagious. 

Every component of our ministry is structured with the goal of providing an opportunity to demonstrate authentic Christian community and to equip individuals to better live the life that God has given them.  From those on the margins who may struggle with employment and addictions to the successful professional who is seeking a way to grow in their faith walk we seek to be a partner to all who find themselves drawn by the Holy Spirit to our mission of loving and equipping others.

The Lord has opened a variety of opportunities for us to carry out our mission.  Each component of what we do has been carefully chosen to have the most impact on our community and to set the stage for spiritual conversations and growth.


New Hope City Center’s desire is to involve our community of individuals, schools, businesses, organizations and churches to work together to make a difference. We are guided to help strengthen relationships with God and neighbors, so strengthening the community and restoring the city.